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The Governing Body is committed to improving the lives of children and families at the Japanese School in London. It does this by challenging and supporting the senior leaders of the school, by sitting on committees and by visiting the school. Staff, parents and community members give liberally of their time, experience and expertise to be governors. All Japanese School in London Governors are appointed by the school’s Board of Directors.

Meet The Japanese School in London Governors

Name: Shigeki Okada (Substitute - Mr Yuichiro Takagi)

Role: Chair of Governors

Appointment date: December 2023

Company: The Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

Name: Yuichi Ishizuka (Substitute - Ms Yuki Wada)

Role: Vice Chair of Governors

Appointment date: December 2023

Company: Canon Europe Limited

Name: Keisuke Ishii (Substitute - Mr Takaho Yamaguchi)

Appointment date: April 2024

Company: Marubeni Europe plc

Name: Yukinobu Nakano (Substitute - Fumiko Inoue)

Appointment date: December 2023

Company: Mitsui & Co. Europe plc

Name: Yaeko Tsujimura-Higaki (Substitute - Mr Kensuke Yoshino)

Appointment date: June 2023

Company: Hitachi Europe Limited

Name: Jun Otake (Substitute - Ryosuke Shinato)

Role: Facility Governor

Appointment date: April 2023

Company: Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.

Name: Kiyoshi Nobuta

Role: Headteacher, The Japanese School

Appointment date: April 2024

Company: The Japanese School in London

Name: Hiroshi Saito

Role: Headteacher, The Japanese Saturday School

Appointment date: April 2024

Company: The Japanese Saturday School in London

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